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    Using the upload tool below, please upload a few photos of yourself with no makeup on to assess the brows - please ensure the photos are as close to HD quality as possible - try having someone take the photos for you if possible and in natural day-light (by a window is best) straight on from the front (full face) and slightly off to the side (right and left brow).

    As well, using the upload tool below please additionally add a few "inspo" photos of brows you like from BladetoBrows instagram page (note* the photos are for inspiration, each individual is different and will have different results so please don't choose the photos based on the person, their hair colour, etc. just focus specifically on the brow style i.e. if you see a clients brow photo you like but the client has Dark Black/Brown hair and you have blonde hair, don't worry about the colour/shape. The brows we create for you will be catered to your individual and specific needs so, focus on the brow style specifically.

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    “All those kisses. There must have been a thousand. They engulfed me like some kind of all consuming dream where I became very alive and very relaxed at the same time.”